TOTEally in love with our RahRah Designs collaboration

I can’t get enough of RahRah Designs! From adorable monogrammed bikini tops, to fun colored bottoms, this swimwear is TOTEally amazing.

The love is very mutual between Hayden Reis and RahRah Designs. Their fabulous owner Stacy, is a big fan of our totes. As a matter of fact, she loves them so much that she designed a new Hayden Reis Middy and Beach Bud Bag!

Lovers of the Lone Star state will adore our Texas Tote! This adorable Middy is only available for a limited time, so you will want to snag one while it’s here. Add a personal touch by getting it embroidered.

There is no better gift or accessory for brides than our Here Comes the Bride Beach Bud! Whether it’s being used to carry around small goodies on your wedding day, or to store beach essentials on your honeymoon, this is an essential for every bride. The ring design is so fun!

Thank you to Stacy for coming up with these incredible designs!

I hope you love these additions to the Hayden Reis collection as much as I do.

- XO, Emily