Introducing our Hayden Reis + Leland gal collaboration!

When we create new products, one of my favorites things to do is to collaborate with fabulous bloggers, designers and artists. It’s so fun to see the designs they come up with and be able to put their vision on our beloved totes.

We have had so many fun and unique collaborations in the past, and I’m thrilled to show you our newest one with Maggie Mielczarek from Leland gal.

As the founder of Leland gal, Maggie translates the ease of life, waterside living and colorful attitude into her hand painted textiles that appear on a variety of products from robes and trays to pillows and blankets. She is so talented and I cannot get enough of her designs. We both share a love for color, family and the beach among many things, so a partnership only seemed natural.

We couldn’t be more in love with the final product. Our Leland gal Ditty, Middy and Wristlet are absolutely gorgeous.

Maggie was inspired by the sparkles you see on the water on a sunny day. Just like us, she loves anything involving the beach! The result was her original fabric “Glittering Diamonds On The Water,” which looks so pretty on a white tote. This fabric is a textile version of the design hand-painted by Maggie herself!

Our Leland gal totes are limited edition, so be sure to shop the collection while they’re here. Thank you to Maggie for creating such a fun design. I loved getting to work with you!

- XO, Emily