Beach and Boat Day Essentials

There is nothing better than a summer filled with days on the boat or at the beach. Whether I’m spending the day with family or friends, I absolutely love a day in the sun! Here are some of my essentials for a beach and boat day this summer:

1. Speaker Case – When I’m at the beach or on the boat, I always need to listen to music! Sunny Life makes these fabulous Tablet Sounds, which are a speaker case for your tablet. This case comes with two high quality speakers and a rechargeable battery that lasts 5-7 hours. I love the fun print!

2. Tote – I created Hayden Reis because I found the need for a fashionable and functional carryall bag! Our Ditty totes are the best and store everything I need to get through the day. One of my current favorite designs is the Teal & Neon Pink with Metallic Silver Leather Ditty.

3. Towel – It goes without saying that if you’re going to be at the beach or on a boat that you need a towel! I love these Ultraplush Quick Dry Beach Towels from Pottery Barn. Available in six colors, these cozy towels are super soft and can be monogramed if you want to add a personal touch.

4. Beach Bud Bag – Our Beach Bud Bags are one of my favorite products! These water-resistant pouches are perfect for storing your wet or dry clothes, magazines and books or any other items you want to keep separate. They fit perfectly in any of our tote bags. One of my favorite designs is our Black & White Bikini Bag.

5. Cover-Up - There’s no such thing as owning too many cover-ups when you live in Florida! No beach ensemble is complete without a cute cover-up. This Treville Caftan by Tory Burch is stylish, lightweight and a great choice for any day at the beach or on a boat.

6. Sunscreen – When you’re having a day in the sun, you absolutely need a good sunscreen. Coola is my go-to sunscreen brand, and their spray-on is the best kind. It comes in different scents and provides the best protection. One of my favorites is the SPF 30 Fresh Cucumber Sunscreen Spray.

- XO, Emily